Tuesday, April 22, 2014

A Deadly Vow

Crows squall
Their cries
As a sign of warning.
Knife like wind howls
Through the corp like fingers
Touching the moon.
Watching over the 
Leaves scattering in fear
As something stirs in its mists
For the trees moaning their songs of sorrow.
As blood trickles down its trunks
And crevasses of its pathways.
The bloody river leaks out of 
Porcelain white fingers
Covered in soil
Glistening in the moonlight.
A war was fought
To protect.
Till death due us part,
A vow every solider makes
Before his battle cry.
When he is to lie in the night sky.
Lifeless and gone.
With no loved ones. 
To rain tears like the stars that burst in the sky.
The life is lost and never found
But forever his spirit is safe and sound.

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