Thursday, May 22, 2014


Upon reviewing the letter over and over, I Detective Hopkins consider my self to be brilliant for such a case as this. I dash for my coat and hat, and flew out the door faster than how you Americans say roadrunner. With the adress at hand a stroll off my stoop, with my driver right out side my fence. I take a step closer to my car, in a flash I was swept off my feet, flipped like a pancake and landed on the hard cement. My back and head pounding with pain. I'm still a little fuzzy of what just happend. Of course my vison is out of sorts after the impact. Past the pounding of my head, I hear a distant voice over me " Are you ok sir? Sir?
I started to regain my focus, "Oh my gawd woman! What was the meaning of that collamity?", I panicked. 
"Sorry I was on my morning run, with my head phones and head down didn't see you come out.", she stated.
" Americans! Woman you are dispicalble! I have a the top of the line work to do and I don't need you to delay me. With this carelessness! Good day! Driver to my feet please!" I sneared. 

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