Thursday, May 1, 2014

Save me!

 Hey boodocks! Today I experienced something heart breaking. One of my closes friends had it rough today. A mutual friend of ours turn their back on us. Today was my friend's birthday and she cried instead of having the best day of her life. I know we all know how bad days feel. Hope this piece brings you a message from the heart. Stay strong.

Here I am on my knees.
Begging please, 
Don't say this is the end.
Leaving these ends unmend.
What did I do wrong?
What did I do to deserve such pain?
My sister betrayed me!
Left me to hide!
In the darkness within my heart.
Today my birthday you chose to betray,
My wishes turn into regrets, 
Please someone come 
To my rescue!
Help me!
My friend has left me
In the dust.
My love I turn to you,
For guidness and help.
But you yelp, 
For only your pains,
Instead of healing mine.

Dear loving friend,
I am here. 
Can you hear me?
I love you. 
Dear friend, 
Why your tears?
Life is full of wonders.
Not the pain of yesterday.
Come with me,
To a place where we can be free.
At last,
No more tears.
No more pain. 
No more heartbreak.
I am here,
Come near.
Your sister


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