Monday, May 26, 2014

21st and Broadway

I entered the car with a roll of my eyes,I tell the driver on ward to 21st and 
Broadway. Ah ,the busy streets of New York. Oh how I love the honking and people yelling at other drivers. A sweet song to my ears. . .sacrasticly of course. What's worst is when it starts raining like a monsoon. CRACK! slow drips and drops from heaven fall quietly but with in a few seconds start to pound as if it was hail. Oh! Fantastic! I spoke too soon!  How I love this city! Slowly but surely, we arrive at our patient's place. I know patient sounds wierd, I just prefer such a word instead of victim. Gradually I step my feet out on the side walk, looking to see if any clumsy girls hit me again. I reassure my self and start towards the frount stoop. 

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