Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Murder ( part one)

My curiosity took me around her humble abode. All the nick nicks and figurines of angles and elegant stature. She has two sea foam green chairs pointing to a window of her garden. Across a TV and a couch on the other side of the room. Her home reminded me of my mothers back home. Oh how she loved to make the place dainty and green all over. The thought of home makes me crave tea.
"Oh and I spot of tea would also be delightful. If you don't mind of course?" he calmly asked.

"No. No. Not a problem at all." Ms Johnson replied. She prepped the Brandi and the black tea. On the side she brought out shortbread cookies. The ones from girl scouts you Americans are so found of.
"Here you are sir." she sets it down slowly and politely.
" Ah well thank you madame."Now to the difficult part, about your husband's murder. I have received this letter from you wanting my assistance. As granted, I am here to help you through this time. Lets start from the begging, where were you at the time of the crime?"

" Oh mister you don't think I did it!" She gasps.
" Oh no madame, I know you didn't its a daily routine through all my cases."
Relieving her, "Now the begging Miss Johnson. . ."

" Yes of course, it all started Monday the 22 of March."


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