Sunday, May 11, 2014

Among the Rooftops

Hey boondocks! A new mystery series called Among the Rooftops. Setting in New York and the mysterious murder of a local news paper editor. Stay strong Boondocks!

Tears of heaven quietly fall
And splash on to the cold cement.
Followed with the pit pat of rain boots
Above tall skyscrapers act like sound barriers of the honks and yells below.
Echoing through the ally ways and roof tops of New York City. On the right corner of the city nestled near city park lays the New York Times building. With it's glorious sign glisning in the rain.
Crash! Bang! echo on and off the top of the building.
"You'll pay for this Mr Johnson even if it's the last thing you will ever do." a roaring voice of a man.
" I didn't deserve this!"
As he holds  a knife to Mr. Johnson's throat. 
" What do you want from me!" Screams Johnson.
Under a deep growl he answers " You dead!"
The knife penitracts his throat and with a whip of his hand slices running Mr. Johnson's blood threw his cold fingers.
And tosses him over the building. Mr. Johnson a famous editor has been murdered. With a suitcase left in his right hand.

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