Tuesday, May 13, 2014


It's an early spring day nothing out of the ordinary. Just the regular paper the blasted city noises polluting the air. My irrational neighbor and his dog abnociously great me. Pitful waste of a human. If only he had a incredible brain like me. Ah yes my name is Constnoble Christoper Hopkins. I am from London but moved to Amercia to take a new detective job. Now I'm New Yorks finest detective. To say the least I ended up in this position accidentally. For you see I was on a case that would spike up my career. By finding the most wanted business man in London, Franklin Douglass. A con financial CEO of her magisty. He fled to America to hide, he was right under my nose when suddenly he disappeared into thin air by faking his own death. Now I'm stuck here in the big apple with a new job and a new life. Unfortunately I'm one of those detectives that works alone no doctor Watson or Bonnie and Clyde no just me old Detective Hopkins ready to solve any case that comes flying to my door.

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