Thursday, May 15, 2014


As most detectives, they are assigned cases. I Dectective Hopkins find my cases in the most redundant way possible. After reading the paper, I head upstairs to freshen up. I fill the sink till it fills a pool an ant could swim in. With my hands I scoop up the clear warm water and rub it against my checkbones. Giving a splendid warm confort to my face. I look in the mirror and straighten my suit out. Made of the finest cloth in London . White as snow button up, strapped up with a black sleek pants and jacket. With nickle sized buttons glazed with gold. Of course to top it my evenly polished black leather shoes. Everything is in tip too shape. Upon leaving my humble abode I hear a sudden creak from my mailslot at the front door. With out a ring or a yelp. Notably, I find my self stunned but with curiosity. A fine crisp blue envelope stamped with a black seal with a engraved wolf. Glaring back at me.

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