Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Poor Man

Here is a piece I wrote on a previous blog I used to be in. Hope you guys like it and may it touch your hearts.

“The Poor Man”

Smell the smog. Listen to the cars go by on a busy Monday morning. Feel the vibrations of footsteps walking past him. All he can see is shapes and shadows of unseen faces.

A man sits on a busy sidewalk, wearing nothing but rags, a ragged knit cap , and gloves missing fingers. A tin cup lies beside him, filled with the precious metals of a greedy man. This cup is his lifeline before being taken by death. Doesn’t anyone care for the poor man on the corner of main street?

A bakery across the street fills the air with childhood memories. The man can see them in his mind. He can see again. He’s with his family, laughing and joking. Then burning fire appears, and it grows dark. Now he fends for his life on the corner.

Every day he sits on that corner at quarter-past 7, patiently waiting for hope, the next meal, or to live a better life. People, with their money-making pride, look at the poor man in disgust. Men spit at him and carry on with their pride. Kids take his money and move it to a different spot. He’s confused and follows the sound of the coins while delinquents kick him, busting his ribs. How much pain can one tear hold?

He doesn’t give up. Every day he is there, waiting for his second chance. Is there no one who cares for him?

Suddenly, the patting of little feet approach the blind man. A boy delivers him a loaf of bread and says, “I brought this for you from the bakery I work at.”

The man can’t believe that such kindness can come from someone so small. He gladly accepts and asks, “Why do you show such kindness to me?”

The boy replies, “A little love can go a long way.”


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