Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Nocturne with no Moon

Breathing slowly and steady 
I wonder around the room
As if I'm searching for something.
Not with my feet but my eyes. 
As if it's written in the sky. 
Sun has dimmed it's rays;
Gliding behind a blanket of stars
Assuming their patterns.
A thousand sparkles clear and bright
I get lost in them this night.
My heart urns like a kid waiting for something sweet.
Sunrises are a overplayed love song
But a moonrise I soar into the night.
I lay quietly in my bed 
Thoughts of the day play through my head. 
replaying the stones of life being thrown
Breaking my bones.
The days, filled with pain pass on.
Nights play slow as a sweet
Lullaby of a mother.

The clock has stuck
The bells play their grand symphony 
Egar spirits lift my heart 

A moon never shows
It's face tonight 
Lighting my way with nothing. 
Earased clean with out a trace.
Covered by a black thumb.

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