Thursday, September 4, 2014

Voices of Life, the Dark, the Light, the Strugglers.

A one way road no turning back
From the mistakes I've  made
All has been said
All has been done
Can't take back words and mistakes
From those I hurt.
Hills and turns
Forks and splits in the road
Signs directing where to go
Which one to follow?

A life filled with endless journies
Is a well written one.
A life with nothingness
Is meaningless.

Ding Ding
The clock bells ring.
Emptiness whispers in the trees
Standing still as restless seas.
Ashes fall from the sky
As time is passing by.
Gently lands on my frozen hand.
Ding Ding
Its ten past eleven.
In the dark I walk
I am weary and drowned
A pain still bounds
Squeezing its chains.
Ding Ding
Its twenty past eleven

Hello? Hello?
Can any one hear me?
I need some hope.
Give me a sign
That your there to fill my despair.
Hiding in my shadow
So long ago, 
I can't see whats in front of me.
Would someone please be there for me?
Someday I'll be, 
Waking up with the sun on my face.
But its the days I embrace
I cant run away from what followed me here.
This monster inside me 
wont leave this behind, 
 Hello? Hello?
Anybody hear me?
Is anyone there?

Trying to piece everything together
One by one edges match 
Starting to make a picture.
A sunrise warm and bright
Kissing the mountains below
With a merry meadow 
Blankets the ground. 
Suddenly pieces don't fit
Some missing no where in sight
The warm sun turns grey 
Mountains melt and fade away
Meadows turn into ash
Covered by snow.

Row by row the dead lie
With Stones marking the end.
Engraved with their voices
Echo all around.
Here I am
Cold as ice
A stone comes to my eyes.
I stand and stare
At the bare ground.
No flowers, no notes of past memories.
Rather forgotten.
With it written in stone
Here lies me
Cold and alone.

Shine your light
To my heart
Making my way through the dark
I need a brand new start.
Hello hello
Hear my cry.
Dont let me say goodbye.

Life what you choose will soon 
Come back to haunt you. 
No matter how small.
No matter how much it will hurt.
Be wise and on your guard.
The shadows still lurk tonight.

What life holds and what it gives
Love, beauty, happiness.
A lovely scene.
Not everything comes and goes that way
Storms, hurricanes, tornados blow and blow.
Their worst across the plains 
Of our hearts.
With little hope and faith left.
Life gives a choice, keep it hold it tight.
To the light knowing the best.
Or giving up and losing to what you have to love and live for.
You choose 
Your life depends on it.

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