Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Replay the chains.

Why did this have to happen?
All the hard work
The blood and sweat 
Go to waste
What I'm I going to do?
Go back? To the beginning?
But my past is such a mess
A castrophy, replaying 
The reel I once stared
Would break my heart.
All the doing I did on the big screen.
For everyone to see. 
Why would I want 
Every flaw of me
To come boiled out
Just so those can laugh about.
No one needs to know me
Of who I am.
Just me. 
Nothing more.

Your past will always be apart of you. 
Can't change what has been done.
Of the dirty slate.
The future is clean and bright.
Come and fight 
Against the world that
Holds you back.
Plan a attack.
The past is your story.
So why not share your glory.
The strength you carry in your pocket.
Loosen the chains holding you against the wall
Before you loose it all.
Let's begin
Why and who are you?

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