Friday, September 26, 2014

Sunsets and Sunrises

Morning, join me
on this fine porch
listen to the birds sing. 
Pinks and blues
ringing through the sky
like a good morning kiss.
The heavens close 
For another day dawns
I watch my love, my wife
Join the morning sky 
As she walks 
to the horizon.
Every sunrise
She leaves
As if she has 
another life.

Stay with me through the day.
A miracle awaits.
Reds and Oranges
Calm the day away
The birds sing one less tune
before the night is due.
Look closely,
my wife
here she comes with her basket
full of the freshest flowers.
I get to hold her all night.
Through the dark's cold bite.
I love her
Dance with her
Laugh with her till
The next sunrise comes.
I sit
give her lips a kiss.
Watch her walk away to the horizon.

Everyday I wait till sunset,
To love her again.
For she  no longer breathes again.
Lost from her battle
She still comes 
every sunset
To love me,
Laugh with me,
Hold her in my arms.
Till the next sunrise comes.
till the day I join her.

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