Sunday, September 28, 2014


all the people.
Young and old
a wish fore told.

In this world
I wish it would.
Be full of ha's
And belly pains,
From the ticklish nerve
found with in.

Imagine the world,
filled with laughing gas.
Instead of air;
Just for a while
in a time of denial,
time of hate,
and a time of gloom.

We would all 
give love
with laughs,
instead of stabs
of words from our minds.
Leaving our differences behind.
Laughter is the best medicine, 
Why haven't we taken it?

Its much more important
to buzz like a bee
and sting. 
To who we see.
Laughs bring
endless smiles
that last a mile.
Laughter is contagious
Spread this cold
around and around.
To all the world
may it be found.

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